One Simple, Accessible Security Measure with a Powerful Effect

Whether for special industry events or everyday life at a large corporate campus, being required to display credentials at all times is fairly common today. As one of the simplest security measures of all, this frequently also proves to be one of the most effective, making it a fairly uncontroversial choice when such needs are evident. While it can seem as though being forced to display an identification badge or admission ticket on a regular basis could be troublesome, that does not need to be the case. As long as appropriate arrangements are made, wearing and showing credentials of these kinds should never cause any undue difficulty.

In many cases, simply providing lanyards for use in securing such credentials will be all that is needed. Typically worn around the neck in comfortable fashion, a lanyard that secures an identification card or similar style of credential will make it easy to keep the asset displayed whenever it might be needed.

Going this route can also open up some interesting options for the organization in question. Lanyard supplier offerings range from simple, plain, standardized products to others that can be imprinted with any style of branding that might be wanted. Given the variety of options that are available, it will often pay to spend a little time thinking about what each might have to offer.

Among plain lanyards, for example, price and accessibility tend to be the strong points. Standard lanyards often cost so little that quantities of thousands can be purchased for investments of extremely small kinds. The standardized nature of the products also means that they can normally be procured at a moment’s notice and without the need to make special arrangements, further lowering the barrier toward ultimate accessibility.

On the other hand, customized lanyards can be valuable, as well. While they will tend to cost a little more and require something extra in the way of effort to arrange for, custom-printed lanyards can do a lot more for those who arrange for them. By displaying a company’s logo prominently, for instance, they can contribute a brand-boosting effect that would otherwise be absent. A customized lanyard will also improve security on its own, as it will always be more difficult than a standardized one to counterfeit.